Gambirra MOB is a 12-piece powerhouse band. Led by Yolngu songstress Gambirra, a.k.a. Mamma G, they draw upon creative talent from all walks of life. As a collective they activate diversity, showcase multiculturalism, and bring awareness of social messages and tribal connections. Singing songs in Yolngu Matha and English, their sound is a world fusion of psychedelic roots, reggae, soulful funk and dub.

“Family, culture, resilience, and love is what anchors us. Working and creating together allows us to retrace the memories stored in our ancestral connections to Country. Country is Creation, and a part of our First Nations knowledge systems, our social and emotional wellbeing. We hold space for each other to learn and adapt. To be evermore young, old, and new” - The ILLUME Girls

Dream Drone is a strong Tribal Experience.
A universal non-dogmatic arena for consciousness.

Soaring vocals, powerful didgeridoo drones, the exhilarating mystical meeting between Ancient Australia and the present moment. A direct call to return to the Earth.